We believe in, and practice an approach of, effective and simple integration of sustainable initiatives, such that our Client’s aspirations for their building are met without major financial or time penalty

Sustainable design is one the crucial pillars of Paterson Group Architects' design philosophy. Based on years of experience, we have developed a core group of strategies designed to find the most cost effective sustainable design policies to integrate into our designs. We have in the past implemented methods to minimise energy consumption through the use of natural lighting and ventilation, waste-water re-use, adaptive building design, building life-cycle extension and sustainable construction material selections. Each new design is viewed with a critical eye to apply best practices that enable the creation of a high standard of environmental care and sustainability without compromising the occupant’s experience of the building and its purpose.

Our goal is to integrate sustainable initiatives seamlessly, without placing an imposition on building management and users. Complicated or overly technical building systems are not an outcome of our design process.

In order to achieve our goal, our design strategy demands the application of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles across all aspects of building design, from the technical to the more subjective elements of ESD outcomes. For example, electronic systems are readily available to measure and report on a building’s energy use for air-conditioning; however we also acknowledge the role of individual control over a central A/C system to achieve thermal comfort for the building’s occupants.

The most effective way to address a holistic sustainability approach is to involve ESD specialists in a building’s design team. These team members have the ability to oversee sustainability initiatives as they relate to all engineering disciplines and assess the “downstream” effects of design decisions made by individuals. Our design process for projects with clear sustainable goals mandates the involvement of an ESD specialist. For all other projects, we discuss our Client’s sustainable aspirations during the briefing stage of a project to determine their level of engagement with sustainable outcomes for their buildings. Our experience shows that this engagement is ever-increasing as environmental education pervades public conscience.

We are members of the GBCA organisation and have attended multiple professional courses to develop our in-house credentials so that we can offer our Clients current and relevant information with regard to all aspects of sustainability in the built environment. Two of our architects have recently attained associate level status with GBCA.